Letter to Myself

Jesaun Johnson

If you tell someone “I love you” please make sure they take that to heart

Because there’s a lot of fake people in the world

Wish you would’ve learned that from the start

People will stab you in the back and turn around and make themselves innocent

Your living in a time now where toxicity is the most popular form of love

Your not gonna find love with these people

You’ll either bore them by treating them right

Or find yourself hurting yourself in the process of deciding whether you love the person or the experiences your sharing with them

Experiences can be blinding

You can be making great memories but at the same time have that person treating you less than your worth

Keep your head held high though because it isn’t your fault

Let those mistakes drop like grains of salt

Because even though salt can leave a mark on you or make you believe your just like it

The salt can never fully dissolve with the person you are and change you

Let the worst parts of our life fall on you like dirt

Because even though dirt can stain and it can make you feel like you need to change

You have to remember that dirt isn’t just dirt,

Dirt is fertilizer and will make you grow and become stronger if you use it right

Your gonna look back and be so proud of yourself

Everything you’ve overcame and everything you’ve had to keep to yourself,

You are gonna do great things and your just getting started,

You are loved, strong and made for greatness, never forget that.