She Will Rise Up

Once, she was whole and beautiful; she believed in the good in people.

She loved with all she had.

She has been hurt by family, people who she once considered friends. She has been hurt by him.

She has been hurt so much that she forgot what pain feels like. She loved them so much but they didn’t love her back; they broke her. But even with every single broken piece, she refuses to be unkind and mean. She refuses to continue causing harm to people’s souls. With every broken piece, she promised herself that she was gonna rise and oh, she will.

She will repair herself and she will heal all her wounds and the scars will always show her how strong she is and one day, she will wake up and she will find happiness within herself and she will be the most happy girl because her happiness will not depend on someone else. She will not need you to love her back; she will just be happy and that’s all that will matter. She will rise and she will take all the wins she can with pride and learn from all of life’s falls with dignity. She will rise and she will never forget where she comes from because she has learned that all her past, all her pain and her scars, are proof that she survived. She will rise and she will look up with her eyes full of love. She will look up with her eyes full of life because she has finally broken free from herself.

Yesterday, we hurt, but today, we can choose to heal. Tomorrow, we might be gone, but today, we are here and today we choose to live, to make mistakes. Today, we forgive and today we love because all we got from yesterday was memories, lessons to learn from. We can’t live in yesterday. Tomorrow is not a promise; we are not there yet, so live to the fullest but do it today, right now and right here.

By: Claudia Najarro .