The Knight-Time Review

2020-2021 Staff

Grady Gilmore

Co-Business Manager

Hi my name is Grady and I enjoy playing lacrosse and school.

James Tanner

Co-Business Manager

Keep your receipts.

Tomas Russo

Senior Business Manager

im not leaving

Connor Jackson

Photographer, Staff Writer

Henry Barcia

Staff Writer

My name is Henry I enjoy soccer, and I'm excited to do new things with KTR this year.

Inez Goering

Staff Writer

Will Rauss

Staff Writer

My name is Will, I play baseball and my favorite color is blue.

DeShawna Timmons

Staff Writer

Annabel Granger

Staff Writer

Abby Brissett

Staff Writer

Caldwell Boyles

Staff Writer

Professional quote...

Lucas Simpson

Staff Writer

-Class 1 food analyzer and connoisseur. -Fun guy -Responsible student - 5' 10" -I like long walks on the beach and making friendship bracelets  

Kiran Matthews

Staff Writer

Stella Gunn

Staff Writer

Kyri Antholis


"Can somebody else come up with this for me?"

Malcolm Brickhouse

Publicity Manager as well as sometimes helping with business