Off My Chest

Jesaun Johnson

Division arises as the majority becomes the priority

Can’t be anything great because they only see you as a minority

The tops thinking they’re gonna win

We divide ourselves while they sit back and grin

Only people who speak truth speak in pen

This generation’s skin is pretty thin

The greatest anger starts from within

Teaching us facts, I ask wherein?

I won’t be looked at as duckpin

Not every Asian man is named chin

And not every black man is hood or ghetto

Not every Hispanic is as seller

And not every foreigner is a terrorist

That’s why I raise my fist

Because I won’t let y’all ignore this

The injustice that happens in this world,

Oh you thought just because George got “justice” that’ll suffice?

We got kids who are uneducated speaking on topics they shouldn’t be

We got selfish adults not wanting to face the truth

This country rejects the same people who built the country on their backs

“Go back to where you came from”,

One of the most idiotic statements a person can make

You see it wasn’t our decision to be brought here we were forced

And you claim this as your country when your original ancestors aren’t even from here

This country after it was robbed from American Indians was built on us “Animals”

Us “Thugs” and “Criminals” did all the hard work needed to make this country flourish

You complain that were here when we’re the reason this economy succeeds,

Why do you think there’s a Alcohol store on every minority block

And why grocery stores are far but you can make it to the gas station on a walk

I know it’s never gonna change

I know that everyday your gonna make us fit your description

I hope one day my words turn into encryption

To stop the world-

From being so distant