The Endless Dance of Illusion

Je'saun Johnson

How do you describe such a feeling that allows you to ponder in a way you’ve never before

Like a car thats needle in the gauge  is on empty yet still willing to drive the extra mile

You’ve given all you can and yet still feel like you should give more

Your passion and what seems to be soul has been drained like an hourglass

And yet when I think about you time still stops

There is no new racist cop

There is no new conflict

There is no new dead minority

There is only the mixed emotions and feelings that have built upon each other as if it’s been built like a five story brick building

Hard and not able to see through

There is no end to the bottomless pit of “what if’s” that are not able to be discussed because of your avoidance

Every now and again the dance floor opens up and the slow song plays

The golden spotlight beams in the purpley lit room and the crowd disperses

The vibe shifts as if a shadow of despair overtakes the room

The breathtaking view of this love story finally being displayed in a motion of beauty unseen in a nation of ugliness

As we dance I look into your eyes and see the door open into the brick house

I get comfortable and confident

The music ends and so does the fantasy