The Knight-Time Review

Discussing Mumble Rap

Connor Jackson, Staff Writer

March 13, 2019

Knight Time Review Podcast on mumble rap.

Put Me In Coach (Episode 1)

James Tanner and Casper Henneman

March 13, 2019

We talk about Spring Sports, Big Baller Volleyball tournament, and Lebron James.

Cooking With Trone Drone (Episode 1)

Charlie Burns and Liam Echols

March 13, 2019

best cooking show yum

Life Under 5

Autumn Hiller and Lily Weilar

March 13, 2019

Two girls' perspectives from under 5 feet. Lily and Autumn are juniors at Charlottesville High School who are both 4'11". They talk about their struggles with being short but also why they love what sets them apart.

The Untold Stories of the Black Knight Nation (Episode 1): Ed Aten

Kyri Antholis, Eliza Schock, and Anabel Simpson

March 13, 2019

This is a podcast done by students at Charlottesville High School. It's the pilot episode of the series, starting off with the story of Ed Aten, a transgender male student.

Part Time Black Knights with Ian Clickner (Episode 1): Mohammad Alsheikha's New Film Project

Part Time Black Knights with Ian Clickner (Episode 1): Mohammad Alsheikha’s New Film Project

March 6, 2019

Mohammad Alsheikha, Charlottesville High School's favorite cameraman, is planning a new ambitious video project. In the pilot episode of Part Time Blac...