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  • Kaymin

    Hi! My name is Kaymin and I’m a junior here at CHS. I’m passionate about creating and observing art, especially the written word; I love to read and write all genres. I attended Georgetown’s Creative Writing Academy and participated in the Poetry of Power workshops; upon the workshops’ completion, I became a New City Arts Poetry fellow. I am also an intern at Deep South Magazine and a panelist on the Newfound 2021 Prose Prize. Outside of reading and writing, I love to bake, binge watch Netflix, and play music.

  • Luke

    Hey, I’m Luke. I’m the designer here at Graffiti: I illustrate pieces and run our slice of the KTR website. I’m an artist and a programmer: I interned at Braid in 2019, and do regular design work for CHS theater. When I’m not painting or coding, I’m probably running, reading philosophy, or watching Youtube.

  • Camden

    Hi, I’m a junior at CHS, a member of BACON, and one of the leaders of Graffiti. I enjoy reading and writing poetry and short works of prose, and would be more than happy to advise or work with you on anything you’re writing! Beyond school, I volunteer, watch food and travel shows, and read a great variety of literature.

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