Love Yet to Come

Je'saun Johnson

I close my eyes and listen to my slowed and reverbed R&B

The aurora and vibe I get has no comparison to any other feeling

I’m here in my room but my mind and thoughts are taken by the lyrics of the music and the goals I have

I see purple,

Vibing, Romantic, Magical memories that have yet to be made


Retro and Vintage Edits of us in the fields while the sun is beaming and those same slowed songs playing overtop the beautiful video


All I think about is that perfect match

Finally meeting or reconnecting with that person who I can make the happiest memories with

Working out together and growing strong together as our relationship works out with reality and learns how to overcome any and all obstacles

Trying new things and learning things we’ve never experienced before just as our first time, one of a kind, relationship gains experience over the years

Smiling just by the look of each other even with outside influences trying to tear us down

Being able to depend and trust one another which builds that foundation for the “perfect” house of memories and experiences that we’ll look back on and get instant nostalgia

We argue but when we do they only make us stronger

The time we spend away from another keep us from growing tired of each other

As we’re dancing and spinning our background changes and reflects the love that is shared by two people who found themselves in their partners

So much so that our eyes sparkle enough that it looks bright enough to light the night sky when they see you

In the wake of me opening my eyes I get the goosebumps and chills of the almost impossible dream however seeing what other have,

It may not be as impossible as it seems.