A Guide to Concerts

Saba Wubet and Grace Boyles

 Live Music is back and better than ever. After a year and a half of no concerts/festivals, people have been eager to get back to doing what they love. With the new rules for many concerts, such as cashless venues and vaccine cards, concerts have shifted due to the pandemic. As avid concertgoers, we have lots of concert experiences, both pre-covid and present time. Attending concerts is much more than buying a ticket and going to the venue. Here, we have created our guide to concerts and general information that you should know before going to your next show. 


  • Bring a concert buddy (it’s so much safer to go to concerts, as a teen, with another person)
  • STAY HYDRATED (as soon as you get into the concert, get a bottle or two of water)
  • Depending on how big the show is, you should always get to the venue at least an hour before the opening act (if there is one)
  • Bring lip balm/lipgloss (crusty lips are bad and uncomfortable)
  • Dress for appropriate weather (Be prepared to be hot and a bit sweaty inside, a bunch of people dancing and sweating does not make for a comfortable temperature, and a lot of venues don’t have proper ac)
  • Bring your ID and vax card (some venues still have COVID restrictions in place, so it’s always important to check your tickets or the venue website to see if you need to bring your vax card or a mask)
  • Charge your phone and/or bring a battery pack (It would suck if you couldn’t record/ take pictures at a concert you’ve been dying to go to but you also want to be able to call someone if needed, so charge that phone before you leave!)
  • Many venues/arenas/stadiums are now cashless so if you have one, bring your card
  • If you plan on dancing or moving a lot, don’t bring a bag (Maybe bring a fanypack or try and wear cargo pants or something with a lot of pockets. For chill, small concerts, bags are fine but venues have started requiring clear or only small handbags, so keep that in mind)
  • If you want merch, it’s probably best if you get it before the show starts or slightly before it ends, otherwise, the line will take forever.

What to bring if you’re camping out 

  • Pack snacks and drinks!! You’re going to be outside for a while so it’s good to stock up. 
  • Bring blankets and a chair. If the show is during the fall or winter time, it gets cold at night so make sure you’re bundled up.
  • Portable charger
  • Check the weather beforehand. You should always be prepared for whatever happens. 
  • Locate the nearest restaurants, stores, and bathrooms so you know the area before you camp out.

The Do’s and Don’ts of concerts 

  • DO NOT hold your poster for the whole show. People paid to see the artist, not your poster. 
  • DO use the bathroom beforehand. If you have pit/floor tickets, the pit is not where you handle your business. 
  • DO bring some energy. The artist(s) have worked really hard to put this tour together and a bunch of people standing around doing nothing is not a good way to show your appreciation for the music.
  • DO have your ticket ready at the door. Fumbling around to get your ticket out and holding up the line is really frustrating for the people behind you.
  • DO NOT try and shove and push your way to the front. If you’re on the floor and want a front-row spot, you should plan on getting to the venue earlier.
  • DO NOT start a fight. Not only are you at risk of getting kicked out but also, you’re causing a scene. 
  • DO help someone else up if they get knocked over or are struggling. The other people attending the concert are your friends for the night.