Spirit/Homecoming Week Recap


via @blackknightnat on Instagram

Henry Burnett

The homecoming week at Charlottesville High School was phenomenal, with all sorts of incredible activities. The week was from October 3rd to the 7th, with the 8th being the dance. Each day a new event/theme was present. Over the course of the week students participated in different activities and themes that fostered a sense of community in the school. The student body demonstrated their school spirit by uniting and partaking in this once-a-year week. After some rough opening events to the school year, homecoming week really helped to return joy into the building. The week, events, and themes helped bring the school back together after high separation and tension. 

On Monday, the theme was dynamic duos, where students dressed up as their favorite pair. Tuesday was Bikers v. Surfers, and Wednesday was pink out (or “Wednesday we wear pink”). Myles Beasley, a freshman, really enjoyed pink day and would love to see more of “all parts of spirit week” at some point this year. Both of these days experienced a great amount of participation, showing immense school spirit. Thursday was decades day (freshman- 70s, sophomores- 80s, juniors- 90s, seniors- 2000s) where many wore incredible throwback outfits. Jesse Turner, a junior, said his favorite part of the spirit week was “the themes leading up to the homecoming dance” and that his favorite in particular was decades day. Lastly, Friday was BKN where students wore as much school spirit and colors as they could. Spirits were high as spirits were worn. 

Friday also marked the beginning of special events that took place when there was the first pep rally in three years. During which there were games such as musical chairs (which were divided into grades) and student vs. teacher dodgeball, and the band played. Later that night, the Knights played Goochland High School for our football game. Although they didn’t come out on top, it was a tightly contested matchup and the team played their best game yet. The defense was incredible, allowing zero touchdowns or field goals. The student section for the homecoming game was also a great atmosphere, with everyone in their Black Knight Nation gear cheering on the team. Over the weekend, on Saturday night, the school held the dance. The dance was themed off of a sneaker ball. The two courtyards, B-Commons, and atrium were decorated with balloons, streamers, and all sorts of red and black decorations. Lastly, earlier in the week, each grade decorated a hallway a different color. A senior, Benjamin Sherman, said that he “helped put up the hallway” and that the week as a whole was “flawless.”  

Spirit/Homecoming week was a success that many students enjoyed and participated in. With the different themes and outfits each day, along with the weekend events, the week was amazing and well-organized. With an old activity being brought back, freshmen, sophomores, and juniors participated in their first ever pep rally, and seniors enjoyed their first one since their freshman year. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic many ventures haven’t been able to happen, but this year they were brought back to help unite the school. The week of Charlottesville High School Homecoming flushed happy faces throughout the building.