National French Week Recap


Amina Menfi, Staff Writer

National French Week is a week-long celebration of all things French. From participating in fun activities to tasting French cuisine, not only is this week fun to celebrate, but it gives students an opportunity to try things they’ve never done before. National French Week is officially November 3rd through the 9th, but this year our school celebrated it from November 8th through the 12th. CHS hosted a variety of fun French-related activities including trivia, music, and cuisine. Students who answered a trivia question correctly were entered into a raffle with a prize of a MarieBette gift card. Madame Pritchard explained that “this celebration isn’t just welcome to French-speaking students, but to any students interested at CHS.” Listed below are the daily activities students participated in.

Monday’s theme was music with dance trivia. There was a memory game where you matched musicians with their country of origin and a French music playlist you could listen to, including some Disney songs. The trivia question for Monday was “What’s the title of the musical and films based upon Victor Hugo’s novel about a rebellion against the French monarchy?” and the answer was: Les Misérables. 

Tuesday’s theme was science. There were scientific videos available to watch and a science-related trivia question. The trivia question was “What is the name of the site of the physics lab that is on the border of France and Switzerland?” The answer was: “CERN” (le Centre Européen de la Recherche Nucléaire). 

Wednesday’s theme was sports and games. There were sports-related videos available to watch and a trivia question, which was “In addition to the language of the host country, in what languages are announcements at the Olympic Games always made?” The answer was: “French and English.” 

Thursday’s theme was visual arts. There were art postcards that you could give to a loved one or a friend. There was also art trivia, and the question was, “Which Parisian monument was wrapped in fabric earlier this year for an art installation?” The answer was: “l’Arc de Triomphe.”

Friday’s theme was cuisine. There were different French foods available to try. There was also a French food trivia question, which was, “Bouillabaisse is a famous dish from Marseille, France. What is bouillabaisse?” The answer was: “fish stew.”

Below are a couple of student’s favorite activities and why. 

A ninth grader, Saadia Hamilton, shared, “I really liked the memory game where you matched musicians with their country of origin. I found it very interesting.” Another ninth grader, Kevohn Rush, shared, “My favorite day of the week was Friday because of the cuisines. There were foods that I had never tried before that I really enjoyed.” It sounds like National French Week was a big hit. See you again next year!