Stories from Working Black Knights


Kyri Antholis

Working service jobs on weekends and lifeguarding in the early morning are norms of high school life. However, while sometimes these jobs may seem mundane and simply a means to save some money, often they come with formative experiences and learned skills. Take a look at some of the best and worst stories Black Knights have from working jobs around town. 


We accidentally gave someone a box filled with sauces which we thought was their order, so they came back and slammed on the drive-thru window. When I went to help the guy and ask what was wrong he threw the box of sauce at me and it hit me and exploded on the ground. – Lucas Fuller, Cane’s employee


I almost charged someone over 100 dollars for a pound of pears. – Kroger employee


A guy wrote his number on a fried chicken box and gave it to my coworker in the parking lot. – Chopt employee


My coworkers tell me how to make meth from adderall. – Anonymous


I listen to Harry Styles while closing and flirt with my boss. – Anonymous


The grill exploded and people had to leave without their orders. – Five Guys employee


I slipped on olive oil and dropped food all over myself. I was covered in pasta for the rest of my shift. – Harrison Greenhoe, Vivaci employee


I had to clean up salad dressing and soup off of the walls after my coworker had a mental break down. – Anonymous 


I got dared to drink some really hot hot sauce and right after I brought food to a table and could barely talk because my mouth was on fire. – Anonymous


One time this lady came in and was really mad about the temperature of the pool and I told her that I was sorry and there was nothing I could do about it. Then she pretended to fall in the baby pool and told me she had rebroken her toe, refused help, and then left.🔥 – Zoe Cohn, Lifeguard


I was guarding on stand and I was the only one and there was this guy swimming and he had set up an Instagram live for people to watch him (which was so weird first of all). He was resting at the end close to me and the water around him started to get kinda yellowish-green and I accidentally made eye contact with him so he knew I knew he peed. – Anonymous lifeguard


Clearly, working life isn’t as boring as we might think. Whether it be quirky coworkers or eccentric and exciting customers, working in high school can be both lucrative and entertaining.