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Day of Silence Overview and Resources
How to Fight In-School Boredom
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Canes vs. Zaxby’s

K.T.R. Picks: Near Death Experiences

Humans of C.H.S – Asher Saunders

The Cutest Couples of CHS

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Feb 14 "I would say God Bless you but it looks like he already did." -Raeann Crowley

Jan 26 "Is it even a date if your parents are there?"-Author Unknown

Jan 19 "We did a lot of dumb things when I was a kid but we did not eat Tide Pods." - Mr. Josselyn

Jan 12 "Who's a straight person at CHS?" - Julian Brecht

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Why We Stand

Why We Stand

City and Private Middle School Athletes

Dear White Feminists

Dear White Feminists

Questioning? Here To Help.

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Humans of C.H.S.

HUMANS OF C.H.S. - Asher Saunders

Countdown to the Last Day of School