College Stuff: Who, Where, How

What college counseling resources does C.H.S. have?


photo by Mia Bostic

Mia Bostic, Staff Writer

Applying to college can be one of the most daunting challenges of your high school career. Not only do you have to face the loaded question of “what do you want to do with your life?”, but you also have to figure out where you want to apply, what you will write about, when it’s all due, how to send transcripts, who to ask for recommendations–the list goes on. But not to worry! Here are the best resources that can put you on the road to success, right here at Charlottesville High School.


Room D110

Laura Widener | College Advisor | [email protected]

Expert in EVERYTHING COLLEGE, very experienced and knowledgeable in requirements,  planning, and general information. She knows who to contact when and how. Ask a senior and they will tell you Ms. Widener is the College Connoisseur.


Deborah Ashby | Piedmont Virginia Community College Advisor | [email protected]  

Ms. Ashby can help you with enrolling in D.E. or P.V.C.C. classes and organizing college credits, and choosing the best course of your college plan. She is ready to help you with anything that has to do with P.V.C.C., and if you don’t even know what PVCC is, go see her!


Guidance Counselor Wing

Kay Ruffner | Scholarship Advisor | [email protected]

Worried about paying for college? Go see Mrs. Ruffner for advice and information on scholarships and financial aid. Shoot her an email to meet, and she is always happy to help.


And last but not least, GO SEE YOUR GUIDANCE COUNSELOR! They are here for you, to help you plan for college, get organized, and help you de-stress. They have to write your recommendation letter, so you’d better get to know them! Go see your counselor for academic and personal worries.


K.T.R. Picks: What do you wish you knew about senior year?

  • Make your parents like you before you get to senior year.
  • Senioritis is real, so take classes you know you will actually put effort into.
  • Attend class to make meaningful connections to your junior year teachers–you need more than two to recommend you for college.
  • Take the SAT and/or ACT early and often, so you can get to know the test and superstore.
  • First semester is not easy.
  • I wish I knew how much access to college help I had.
  • I wish I knew how important community service is.
  • Senior year is a lot harder than junior year, even though people say junior year is the hardest/
  • I wish I knew how to manage my time better because I didn’t know how fast the year would go by.