How to Survive Midterms

Tori Carpenter, Staff Writer

Step one to surviving midterms would be to flee the country but for most people that isn’t a reasonable option. (If you’re able to do this, get going now, I heard JetBlue has some good flight deals.) But if you’ll be stuck here like the rest of us, here are some tips that we hope will help you make it through midterms.

Don’t stress. Totally easier said than done, but it really is super important. It’s one test, only one, and it does not define you as a person. Trust me, the real world will be more interested in what you can offer to society, not how well you remember comma rules. Finding a calm place to rest in between studying is helpful for maintaining your calm.

Take care of yourself. Extreme stress is not good for a person, physically or mentally. It might help to make a schedule to balance studying, activities, eating, and sleep. If your immune system gets weakened from all the stress you could get sick right before Christmas, and that would actually suck. A good night’s sleep and breakfast can make all the difference in the world for your health and for when you sit down for you exam.

Get good music! If you can study and listen to music make sure you get a super motivational playlist before you dive into that history book. Look up the K.T.R.’s suggested playlist on our website. Maybe you can’t focus on studying and listening to music at the same time. If this is you, finding a quiet place where you can focus might be the plan for you.

Take breaks. It isn’t going to help you in the least if you study for 6 straight hours. Make sure to take breaks every so often. Going for a walk, getting snack, or playing a game with your friends can help to clear your head and promote concentration.

Love yourself. One of the most important things you can do in a time of stress is love and appreciate yourself. If you did everything possible to prepare for the A.P. Spanish midterm but still got a C, know it will be ok. Don’t beat yourself up about it–you still did the best you could. In the end it isn’t as big of a disaster as you think it is.


Top Tens for getting through midterms:

Top 10 songs: Basketcase (Green Day), Stronger (Kanye West), I’m A Disaster (Ghost Town), Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Pat Benatar), I’m A Mess (Ed Sheeran), Help I’m Alive (Metric), Stressed Out (Twenty-One Pilots), Everybody Hurts (R.E.M.), Damaged (Danity Kane), Wrecking Ball (Miley Cyrus)

Top 10 snacks: Snacks: peanut butter filled pretzels, Pop Tarts, popcorn, M&Ms, granola bars, ice cream, BBQ chips, bread, French fries, Raising Cane’s

Top 10 break activities: Netflix, board games, reading, scrolling Facebook-Instagram-Twitter, watching a Christmas movie (it’s never too soon for Christmas spirit), baking, Christmas shopping, going for a walk, having dinner with friends, drawing, and if nothing else appeals to you there’s always a nap.