Theatre CHS Presents Firebugs & 1601

Tori Carpenter, Staff Writer

Whether it’s on the football field, classroom, or in the Black Box you’ll find talent at C.H.S. The theatre department is currently putting some of that talent to use while working on Firebugs, a contemporary one-act play being used to compete at V.T.A., an acting competition amongst Virginia’s high schoolers in Norfolk, Virginia. Firebugs, a play written by Max Frisch during World War II, explores ideas of complacency and simply being a bystander in the face of danger. David Becker, head of the C.H.S. theatre department and director of Firebugs, is hopeful that the play can raise important questions about morals and the dangers of being a spectator when there are people in need. Mr. Becker says, “Firebugs is a creative and cleansing opportunity for students to explore how the topics in the play can relate to them and their community.”

A lot of excitement can be found on stage amongst the actors and actresses. Inigo Drake, says, “We’ve all had a clear, serious commitment to the show since the first day, and we’re seriously excited to compete with the show at V.T.A.” Drake, a senior, has a ton of experience inside the theatre department at C.H.S. and outside of it; he has appeared in shows such as Into the Woods and The Heart of Robin Hood, and is now starring as the main character in Firebugs. His character, Gottlieb Biedermann, is an upperclass salesman who’s extremely naïve and doesn’t understand the threat that some humans in society pose. Becker added, “The name Biedermann means ‘every man’ or ‘common man’ and Biedermann is able to represent any person in any situation. How each person interprets the meanings found in Firebugs is based off of how they feel the play can apply to today.”

So, why should you see Firebugs? Other than exploring relevant topics like complacency, morals, and dangerous situations, Firebugs is a chance for the C.H.S. theatre students to showcase their abilities. The play will not only exhibit the acting skills present here at C.H.S., but also show the talents of the technical theatre students. Becker, the cast, and the crew of Firebugs are excited to present this play alongside seniors Kiki Dowell and Rosie Boatner-Doane’s one-act, 1601.