Quarantine Throwback Memories

Lulu Jennings, Staff Writer

“Mr. Cooke and I would go on walks together, and it was awesome. These are some of my favorite memories from lock down days. Walking with Mr. Cooke is like walking with Steph Curry or Taylor Swift. He is very Charlottesville-famous. Everywhere we went, people would come out on their porches or slow down their cars — “Mr. Cooke! Hey, Mr. Cooke! I miss you, Mr. Cooke! I love you, Mr. Cooke!” I got a sunburn, basking in his glow!”


“A quarantine memory I have is pretending to be a bartender by mixing every ingredient in our house into drinks with my brother, playing every sport ever with my other brother in phases (football, lacrosse, hockey, and def more), doing 14 puzzles in like a week, and having a biking and tent obsession for a little while.”


“During quarantine, every Tuesday and Thursday my friends and I would gather at one of our houses and work on assignments, do Zoom classes, and enjoy some social distanced time. Obviously we remained outside and stayed six feet away, following CDC and local government guidelines, but that time was certainly some of the best events of the slow-moving weeks. We would rotate houses and typically go from 9-12 and would have breakfast and lunch outside. When it got cold outside we had to stop, but in the fall, before we went back to school in the spring, we would do this every week. Sometimes we would goof off and play video games together on our phones or computers, but most of the time it was constructive. Overall, it made the weeks go by quicker, and made something to look forward to every day!”


“Me and my friends really missed each other over quarantine, but obviously we had to be safe, and so we came up with the fabulous idea of sleeping outside in tents so we could socialize with social distance but also have a sleepover. These are some of the best memories of quarantine but also some of the most disgusting feelings in the morning. I woke up one morning and my tent completely collapsed on top of me. Another time, I woke up and my tent was on its side and I was laying on the ground. We would have these sleepovers rain or shine, and it was a lot of fun but sleeping on the ground outside of your house is definitely something that I’m happy we did, but in the end I’m grateful to sleep in my own bed with my friends again.”


“During quarantine when we had school starting late, I would get up right before school to join Zoom, but went right back to sleep, and so at the end of the class it would just be me and my teacher alone in the zoom.”


“During quarantine we had to do algebra boot camp, and it was basically getting us ready for the next year and we had to do a bunch of packets but we were allowed to do it at our own pace, so me and my friends kinda didn’t do it… so we just hung out together for all of math for a few months and it was cool. It made me feel really good and it was super chill.”


“In the beginning of quarantine when we couldn’t see each other I would sit on my porch and my friends would sit out on the grass so we could talk to each other six feet apart. It made me feel sad but it was also just how the time was.”


“A quarantine memory I have is that I made Whipped Coffee every day, because of the Tik Tok trend. It did not make me feel very good because it was basically peanut butter but in coffee form, making it kinda gross.”