What to do over Spring Break


Cassidy Mages-Billingsly

Map of the Rivanna Trail

Spring break is next week! Here in KTR we are all excited for the time off. But, the real question of what comes with free time is what to do with it. Especially when you’re staying here in Charlottesville. We are going to share some ideas on what to do as well as what people are looking forward to. 

When you’re spending your time out and about in town some of our recommendations on what to do includes going out to local nature trails, seeing local places to eat, and shops with your loved ones. 

The Rivanna Trail is local and goes through almost all parts of Charlottesville. With great trails to spend your day following the water. The trail goes mainly throughout the outskirts of the town with trail starters and entries in neighborhoods such as Greenbrier, Locust, Belmont, Jefferson Village, and behind Rio. So if you’re wanting to get outside and take a walk check out the Rivanna trail near you.

Some of our favorite local places to grab a bite to eat includes the Mariebette cafe and bakery located on 700 Rose Hill Dr and 105 E Water Street. A good organization with great baked goods and drinks to grab on an errand out. Another place to go if you’re wanting to take a meal out is Riverside Lunch located on 1429 Hazel Street Charlottesville. Offering american style cuisine for great prices. A good choice for an outing with friends or family. 

Lastly, If you’re wanting to get some locally made delights check out shops in the local farmers markets. Now starting this April, they will start to open on Saturdays from 8:30-12:30, stop by the one hosted near you to see booths with both food and local businesses sharing their items. 

Excited for all of our staff and students to enjoy the well deserved time off and start the fourth quarter strong!