Student Book Recommendations

Photo used under SPLC Guidelines.

Photo used under SPLC Guidelines.

Frances Reynolds, Staff Writer

Looking to get into reading? Love reading, and looking for your next book? Interested in what your classmates are reading? 

KTR has put together a collection of book recommendations from readers at CHS. All readers, whether you are reading your thousandth book or you first, look here to find your next book!


Book: With the Fire of High by Elizabeth Aceveedo

Decription in Three Words: Inspiration, Family, Dedication

Personal Testimony: Emoni wants to fulfill her dream and keep her daughter and grandmother happy but always finds some way to manage all of that and do what she loves. 

Why they connected with the book: Because it shows that you can do what you want to do with challenges and even if you feel alone, and friends aren’t so bad.

Type of Reader: People who like cooking and a read that has struggles being dealt with by romance.


Book: Winter’s Orbit by Everina Maxwell

Decription in Three Words: Gay, Anxiety, Mystery

Personal Testimony: The plot is really fun and engaging and the main characters are very likable. 

Why they connected with the book: Because I have anxiety and I am gay

Type of Reader: People who love mystery, love, and are OK with gay relationships


Book: Holes by Louis Sachar

Decription in Three Words: Bad Luck, Work, Very tiring

Personal Testimony: I like this book because it reminds me that if I don’t do work than I won’t get stronger.

Why they connected with the book:  Because I like to work outside

Type of Reader: Students that really like to work outside


Book: The Promised Neverland by Kaiu Shirai

Decription in Three Words: Orphans, Equal, Soup

Personal Testimony: I enjoyed because it is thrilling.

Why they connected with the book:  Didn’t connect with book, but enjoyed it because it’s a thriller

Type of Reader: Manga Readers


Book: Sorcery of Thorns by Margret T.

Decription in Three Words: Fantasy, Library, Romance

Personal Testimony: It’s fast pace and the character are all great and very well created.

Why they connected with the book:  The main character loves reading. 

Type of Reader: A fantasy and romance lover


Book: The Deal by Elle Kennedy

Decription in Three Words: Amazing, Steamy, Yummy

Personal Testimony: A good bit of brain candy. 

Why they connected with the book:  Didn’t connect, but a good read.

Type of Reader: Romance lover. 


Book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling

Decription in Three Words: Intense, Heartbreak, Captivating

Personal Testimony: As many times as i’ve read this book it never stops being entertaining. I love the characters and the plot.

Why they connected with the book:  I’ve reread these books since I was really young so I’ve always felt a strong connection with the world of Harry Potter. whenever i start reading it’s so hard to put down. the characters are so fun to read about as they grow up and as the plot gets more intense.

Type of Reader: Everyone 


Book: The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han

Decription in Three Words: Summer, Romance, Nostalgia

Personal Testimony: I find this novel to be very comforting, I read it over the summer, it’s gripping storyline made me rarely put the book down. It gives me a nostalgic feeling of my personal childhood. This books setting takes place at a beach during the summer which gives it an overall sweet and fun vibe!

Why they connected with the book:  Not personally to the overall theme of the novel but the background I felt connected to. The fun memories and love for the beach/ocean relates to my love for summer.

Type of Reader: A reader that enjoys romance, rom-com or an overall cheesy tone.


Book: The Brothers K by David James Duncan

Decription in Three Words: Chill, Family, Baseball

Personal Testimony: It’s really good. 

Why they connected with the book:  My dad grew up in a town similar to this. 

Type of Reader: Teenage Boys 


Book: Queen of the Tearling by Erika Johansen

Decription in Three Words: Empowering, Brave, Emotional

Personal Testimony: It’s best to read the full series. It gets very personal and is a book that’s difficult to put down. Each character is easy to love, even their flaws.

Why they connected with the book:  The book follows a girl who is thrown into a life she was unprepared for. Throughout her story, she struggles with maintaining her identity but also doing what’s right for her kingdom.

Type of Reader: People who enjoy fantasy, sci fi, kingdoms, etc.


Book: Misery by Stephen King

Decription in Three Words: Twisted, Thrilling, Sadistic

Personal Testimony: It is extremely well written, King describes pain and illustrates the characters digression in an extremely captivating way. Plot twists creep up on you, not especially surprising but uneasy and suspenseful. Very vivid and sick to observe the effects of captivity on paul, as he adopts Annie’s diction and schemes revenge. Kings descriptions of the characters take my breath away. He illustrates Annie as doughy and doll like. 

Why they connected with the book: I was biting my nails and stepping on eggshells with each page turn, scared of what each character would do and how the scene would play out. 

Type of Reader: Someone with appreciation for good writing. Someone who likes suspense and psychology.