Winter Fashion

Winter Fashion

Cassidy Mages-Billingsley, Staff writer

With the temperatures dropping and the frost starting to appear, its time to wrap up. Ways to stay warm in the weather can easily happen with your own closet! We have asked a few of our very own chs students on how they wrapped up for winter. Most people only know what to do with their tops, which makes sense with tops since layering is the easiest. Sweaters were a common answer when students were asked how they keep warm, Along with long sleeves, turtlenecks , and a puffer. Other answers were around the same variation but instead of a sweater, some said layering a crop top with a long sleeve. However, most students love the idea of the puffer jacket. All of which I can agree are smart and cute ways to warm up your outfit this winter. 

In result of the student survey, most of winter fashion consists of layering. Layering your tops is convenient and also stylish. Long sleeves under cropped tanks or tees can add extra warmth and cute colors. Layering jackets with flannels and fleeces followed by your warmest jacket can be an extra way of warmth. Simply just a puffy jacket can warm you up alone then, you can easily remove it to go back to your original outfit when you get hot. Layering can happen not only with your tops but bottoms as well. Leggings and sweats are not only comfy but, an easy way to add extra warmth. If you’re going fancy with a dress or skirt, tights with fleece under layer is a classy touch. 

The key tips of keeping warm isn’t just about layering. Accessorizing yourself can not only add extra touches but can be another way to face the cold. Keeping your hands and feet warm is not only the easiest but the most important. With your limbs being the furthest from your body, it’s normal for them to be the coldest. Looking at gloves or thumb sleeved long sleeves can go a long way. With your feet, get your boots out. Not only can your everyday shoes go a long way but keeping them warm with fuzzy socks also helps. In addition to gloves and fuzzy socks, a classic hat and scarf can not only add some flare but is easy to add.

In addition to winter fashion tips, there’s many places in town to purchase clothing for the cold. Goodwill has affordable prices and in Charlottesville they have more than one location. You can donate your old clothes or go in to buy some new ones for good prices. Plato’s closet is another thrift store that we have in town. It’s where you can sell your good conditioned old clothes, get paid, and then shop for new ones.. High tor is another exchange and buy local business for good quality athletic clothing. Most of their products are high quality warm clothing and accessories brands for low prices. Giving in exchange products also can get you points at high tor. ALong with the CHS students favorite tips on how to stay warm, and the places to purchase, everyone can be prepared to stay warm this winter!