Spotlight: Andy Jones

Used under SPCL guidelines. Courtesy of the Charlottesville City Schools website.

Used under SPCL guidelines. Courtesy of the Charlottesville City School’s website.

Alex Blank, Staff Writer/Website Manager

Let’s welcome our new Director of Student Activities, Andy Jones, to Charlottesville High School. Jones, previously worked at Buford as an Instructional Coach, where he taught teachers and provided them with additional support. Alongside that, he was the middle school athletic director, and started at CHS in mid-October.  

His role as the Director of Student Activities is more than just an Athletic Director. On top of making sure sports run smoothly with uniforms, transportation, and more, he is in charge of making sure all students succeed in the various activities around the school, including clubs and other student activities. 

One of his main goals is to make sure that all students have what they need in order for them to succeed both academically and on the court, field, and beyond. He also sees and values the numerous interests the Charlottesville High School community has and wants to support those in all the ways he can. 

 A final goal he shared with me is building a stronger Black Knight community with student activities and get-togethers, such as Powderpuff.  Mr. Jones says, “We have talked about doing something similar [to Powderpuff] in the winter with basketball or volleyball”, so keep your eye out for some of these activities coming soon. Being new, Mr. Jones provides a new perspective and positive changes to the CHS community.

 He is looking forward to building  school pride and having more students come out, even if their friends are not on the team. He is also hoping to bring alumni back who want to get involved to make a community experience. We are excited to have Mr. Jones as our Director of Student Activities and can’t wait to see all that he does for the program and our Charlottesville High School community.