Green Eggs and BACON?


Elena Tavernise, Staff Writer

The CHS Science Club (aka BACON, Best All-around Club of Nerds) has a “Green BACON” subcategory emphasizing environmental issues. The club works to preserve the Earth and create more biodiversity within the CHS community. According to the Charlottesville High School website, Green BACON “focuses on environmentally-oriented projects, such as projects in the CHS garden and CHS greenhouse.”

Currently, Green BACON has many environmental goals for the year. They are aiming to implement recycling practices in CHS and are working with the administration to employ solar panels. Green BACON is also working to develop a region-wide environmental club alliance working with Western and Albemarle High Schools, where they might participate in nationwide recycling challenges. 

Last Saturday, October 29th, the club helped with a river cleanup project alongside the Rivanna Conservation Alliance. In an interview with Solly Goluboff’Schragger, the co-president of the club, he reflects on the success and experience. He says “(it went) great, we met some STAB (St. Anne’s Beilfield) folks, they have a club called Resource Appreciation and Exploration Club. We went around the river and grabbed up trash. I was honored to be graced by the two presidents of BACON, Harriet and William.” Although the group was a smaller effort of around ten kids from CHS, the impact was large.

Josie Fischman, another co-president of the club, states that Green BACON can often seem intimidating because students associate BACON with engineering, when in actuality it is broadly defined by STEM learning. She comments that it’s “not an engineering club, just an Earth club within the science realm.” She encourages people to come check it out. 

Green BACON meets every thursday after school at four in the sigma lab. Solly emphasizes: “Green bacon is certainly not the flashiest section of bacon, but we’re a powerhouse working to change the world.”