Is There Enough Art Around CHS?


Dei Figueroa

Mural In B courtyard

Dei Figueroa, Business and Marketing Manager, Staff Writer

For many years, students have admired the art around CHS, especially in B courtyard and the graffiti wall, but very few have gotten to work on any of it. The art department at CHS is heavily prioritized, more than many schools. Due to the limited amount of display cases, and fear of art destruction on walls, there are few places to display art in CHS. In the past, students in AP and Studio art classes were able to paint murals in the hallways as an end-of-the-year project, but with new rules put in place, murals must be approved by the city council.


Students and teachers have amazing ideas on how to make the school full of art, like putting mobiles in trees and painting each hallway a different color. Olivia Wade thought there could be sculptures in B courtyard’s grassy area and another student, Eliza Jaffe said, “we should put plants in the cracks of the bricks.” Samantha Leblang said, “I wish that the murals covered more brick.” Other students agreed such additional artwork would illuminate the school.


There are numerous art-based programs to take at CHS, including art 1, Digital Art, and photography. Even with many options, these classes are not accessible to all students interested, due to a lack of time in their schedule. Students want there to be more ways to participate in art-based projects even if they aren’t taking any art classes at the moment. Some ways to include students would be to have small art projects during the school day, like painting a classroom door. Other students mentioned wanting to have more options for art, like creating pottery or sculptures. These classes may be harder to implement because of the materials required and a possible lack of interest. 


 Students want to be included in the art process, so having a program an end-of-the-year mural project for students would be greatly appreciated. This would encourage students to make a community at CHS. Making this a project for senior students would allow them to add something permanent to their school. This project can have students in Studio and AP art help lead the mural and its design, while still making it accessible for all seniors that want to participate. School should be a place where students get to express themselves and feel seen. Art is just one way to make the CHS community stronger.