Drip of the Day

Drip of the Day

Diavian Thompson, Fashion Advisor

Both outfits from SHEIN and Fashion Nova.

“Explore different websites, and TikTok for inspo, and be yourself.” – Navaya & My’Nique



Outfit from Target, shoes from GOAT, and hat from Bass Pro Shop.

“My favorite store to shop is the Nike Outlet.” Khatron



Outfit from boohooMAN, shoes from GOAT.

“I recommend Walmart or Target for people shopping on a budget.” – Zyricus



Outfit was gifted, shoes from StockX.

“My inspiration comes from my favorite artist; Eladio Carrion.” – Omar





Outfit from Old Navy, shoes from converse

“My inspiration comes from myself mainly. I just put on anything that feels comfortable to me and matches my personality.” – Messiah



Shirt is CHS merch, shoes from New Balance

“I typically go thrifting once a week. thrifting is affordable, and a great way to find something you wouldn’t normally wear.” – Mr. Alexander





Shirt, pants, and jacket from H&M, shoes from StockX

“My rules are simple; the shirt should always be your size and it should fit right on your body. the colors should flow well. and brands matter!!” -Baraa




Pants from walmart, jacket is thrifted, shoes from dicks, hat from lids

“I am my own fashion influencer.” -Zi-Aire





Outfit is thrifted from goodwill

“You have to dress for yourself, not for the people” -Tasalla