Old to New! The Swap Shop Mentality


Amina Menfi, Staff Writer

Do you have any clothes or shoes that you don’t want anymore? The Swap Shop at CHS is a great place to donate any unwanted apparel. It is conveniently located by the staircase in A commons. One of its creators, Dianna Poe, explains, “The Swap Shop is for everybody, staff, and students. Sometimes we have professional clothing and other times we have crop tops and Nike shoes. It changes all the time.” In addition, there are also; self-care products, jewelry, trinkets, and even non-perishable food items. 

The Swap Shop is led by students in the WALK program at CHS, which helps struggling high school students earn credits needed for graduation. They help organize it and provide input on what students might want to see there. This isn’t the first year the Swap Shop has actually been at CHS. It was here before the pandemic, but in a different place and a lot smaller. Now it’s more than triple the size. Many students in WALK enjoy thrifting and have read about swap shops across the country, which helped inspire starting it here at CHS. 

Did you know that 85% of all textiles are thrown away end up in landfills? WALK students do and have started this green project not only helps all of us but helps the environment as well. This shop is a great way to recycle used items. As the sign there says, “See something you like.. grab it! Have something to donate.. drop it!” 

Below are a couple of students’ thoughts on the Swap Shop. 

A Sophmore, Sephira Ainsworth, shared, “I think it’s a really good idea and a great opportunity for those who can’t necessarily afford new clothes all the time. I also think it’s really cool since not every school has a thrift store.” A ninth-grader, Nulia Obiorah, also added, “The Swap Shop is beneficial in so many ways! I’ve been able to bring in clothes I no longer wanted while getting something in return. I was even able to find a really nice jacket and dress there that I really love.” It’s always good to give back, so make sure to visit the Swap Shop the next time you have any unwanted apparel that’s taking up space in your closet. Happy swapping!