Fun For Funds


Photo by Kiran Matthews-Huba

Amina Menfi, Staff Writer

Have you ever heard the saying “Money makes the world go round?”This quote means that money is essential when it comes to making things happen. Many of our own school programs have to raise their own funds in order to accomplish their goals. Over the years here at C.H.S, there have been various fundraisers such as car washes, serenades, poinsettia sales, and more. Below are some of the recent fundraisers from this year. 

Did you send or receive a candy gram in February? For Valentine’s Day, students could write a message to their friends or significant other and get it delivered along with candy for one dollar each. A ninth-grader, Nulia Obiorah, shared, “The candy grams were such a kind and adorable way to show appreciation to those you’re close with. I’m really looking forward to next year’s candy grams!” This effort helped the KTR raise money to print a February issue for the newspaper. 

Did you participate in the recent fundraiser at Chick-fil-A? On February 24th, a spirit night was hosted at the Barack’s Road Chick-fil-A. The fundraiser’s purpose was to raise money to purchase yearbooks for seniors that could not afford one. Anyone who ordered Chick-fil-A between 5-8 pm and mentioned C.H.S that night helped contribute. Another freshman student, Kevohn Rush, shared, “I went to Chick-fil-A and felt happy to be able to help and support my school.”

Do you own any school swag? The Black Knight cheerleaders sell school merch three times a year to help raise money. “There are various items that you can purchase such as t-shirts, leggings, masks, you name it!” C.H.S cheerleading coach, Pamela Brown, explained. This year, the cheerleaders raised money for new pom poms and for meals before games. If you don’t have any school swag, check it out online next time you get the chance! 

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate! The theater department is currently selling chocolate bars for a dollar each to help pay for upcoming production costs. There are wafer, caramel, W.F. crisp, almond, milk, and dark chocolate bars available to purchase from theater students around the halls. This is definitely a fundraiser you don’t want to miss out on! 

These are all such fun ways to fundraise, and great ideas for future students in need of budgetary production! Happy funding Knights!