The Best Thrift in Charlottesville


Mariette Hollins, Website/Content Manager, Staff Writer

What are your favorite thrift stores in Charlottesville? After asking C.H.S students, there are clearly some favorites. 

Buying second-hand and thrifting has become even more popular, going so far as to grow 21-times as fast as the retail market. The reason thrifting has become so big recently is due to many communal and social changes, especially within Gen-Z, as many have been more aware of climate change. Climate change all together has been a dangerously pressing issue, especially in the past twenty years, even though it has been a problem for a much longer time. Another reason the thrift market has rocketed is social media. New trends have promoted buying second-hand, as it helps with the local economy. In a way, other trends encourage teens to be themselves and not succumb to the beauty and fashion standards promoted by the media.

Because of this inflation in buying second-hand clothing, Charlottesville’s thrift stores have been exploding with interest. After asking students around the school, here are some of the favorites: Low Vintage Clothing, Arsenic and Old Lace, and ReThreads. Many students also love the chain stores found country-wide, such as Salvation Army, Goodwill, SPCA, and many others. “I really love getting sweaters from Low Vintage because they have those cute ugly sweaters…that’s a really nice place” ReThreads is known for its infamous jeans. Darling, a second-hand boutique that is also a consignment store, and a great place to buy shoes. ReThreads is also a local consignment store, and a great place to purchase jewelry and other accessories. “Natalie Dressed is a great place to buy high-quality clothing and more well-known brands like Lululemon and J.Crew.”

Along with specific favorites, there were and still are many other thrift stores that most people don’t know about. Some thrift stores have certain items and specialties that could be really interesting to explore, and none of them are too long of a drive or walk. For example, Twice is Nice is an amazing thrift store with a vast plethora of aesthetics, just like Goodwill. A bonus, however, is that Twice is Nice is a local store; and if you were to buy from them, it would positively impact the entire local community and economy. Another would be the chain thrift store called Plato’s Closet. “At Plato’s, you can sell your own clothes and get good money for things that are lightly worn in return.” This helps people who may not have as much in the community to sell clothes they may not need, helping another person to find clothes that they may fall in love with. Plato’s Closet There are other consignment stores in the area as well as Plato’s Closet like Darling Boutique, ReThreads, Eternal Attic, and Natalie Dressed. 

Next time you go out to shop for some new clothes, do you think you will make the eco-friendly and explorative option of thrifting or buying second-hand? After doing it for so long, I, along with other students, could never think of going back to buying everything from big brand stores. Even if it starts with buying a shirt from Low Vintage once a year can help the environment and the Charlottesville community to thrive and succeed. Plus, you get a cute shirt that you will never stop loving.


Thrift Store List in Charlottesville:


Low Vintage


Twice Is Nice


Natalie Dressed

Salvation Army

Eternal Attic


Arsenic and Old Lace

Plato’s Closet

Uplift Thrift Store

Schoolhouse Thrift Shop

Attic Artifacts Thrift

Consignment House