Snow Forecast: The Cold, Hard Flakes


Farmers Almanac 2021-22 Winter Outlook Map

Kiran Matthews, Entertianment Editor

It’s that time of year when ice cubes are flushed in toilets, and silver spoons are placed under pillows. The leaves have fallen off Charlottesville trees and the recent 30-degree weather is starting to place morning commutes to school in a shivery setting. With the freezing weather creeping upon them, students and teachers alike are looking forward to the holiday season and hopefully a snowy winter. 

While weather predictions can never be nailed in stone, and predicted snowfall often turns into disappointing clear skies, some sources have already shared their projections for this winter’s weather. KTR turns to the admired Farmers Almanac, which has been continuously providing accurate weather forecasts since 1818, and has not strayed in naming this winter a “Season of Shivers.”

While month-to-month variations will stand, snowstorms and white flurries will cover Charlottesville city. While there will be no snow pants and double-gloved weather, average snow will continue throughout the holiday season. The recent 30-degree weather is scheduled to drop to a chilly low in January, marking the stormy beginning of the winter season. While temperatures will middle out towards the end of the month, perception is planned to ramp up, leading a slushy path to February. The great Almanac predicts a blizzard toward the end of the January, so stay warm and away from any Dairy Queens in the Cville radius. 


With strong winds and heavy rains pushing students inside during the January months, February will open up a quieter view into some form of a winter wonderland. With less precipitation, leading to less snowfall, February might be a little bleak in the area of snowmen and DIY ice cream. Seesaw temps might also create a little bit of back and forth between snow days and clear skies.  Regardless, Charlottesville streets will be salted down at a pretty average rate. 


The predicted “Season of Shivers” will bring both bone-chilling temperatures and delighted snowfall to Charlottesville in the upcoming months. Now while snow enthusiasts don’t have the most to be pleased about, flip flops will be tucked away (at least for a little). 


Cool. Literally…. (Tim Cory)