Introducing Mock Election Republican Candidate Barbie Roberts

Kiran Matthews, Entertainment Editor

“Come on Barbie! Let’s go to the Republican Party!”



The Mock Election at C.H.S. has become a beloved tradition by many C.H.S. students and teachers. For underclassmen who didn’t get to experience previous Mock Election years, in part due to online learning forced forward by Covid-19, a return of the classic election sparks movement within the school. The Mock Election can be described as an annual student-based election between AP US Government classes. The students within each class are given a role within the election, either through media support, campaign roles, or interest group efforts. To lead the collected party campaigns forward, three notable nominees are chosen between the senior student body. These elected students go on to create political personalities and policies connected to their designated party. The three students will compete for the election of Virginia governor this year, all while working with large campaign teams to build their political outreach. This year in question, those positions fell to Democratic candidate Kaymin Hester, Anarchist Ed Brandy, and newly married candidate Barbie Roberts.


Representing the Republican party this year, Venetia Smith has claimed the public role of Barbie Roberts. Barbie’s dual degree from Oxford college, paired with her experience at Harvard Law and Yale medical school, outlines her educational exceptions. Alongside her vast educational background is her underlying career as a model, integrating the public opinion that there is nothing Barbie cannot do. Building her way from the bottom up, growing up in the city of Wytheville, Barbie went on to the Virginia House of delegates. There she completed her political ladder with a position within the Fifth District Rep in the House of Representatives. 


Barbie’s platform lays down key policy points such as a border wall around the State of Virginia, parental control over education specifics, pro-life stance on abortion, and funding of police forces and departments as a whole. One of her critical scopes of public policy lies within personal freedom, whether pertaining to gun rights, health insurance, or marriage rights. Barbie agrees with moral projection. 


In a short interview with Barbie herself, I got more insight into the roots of her campaign strategy and political goals. 


Why did you choose to run in the first place?

  • “I became inspired one evening as I toured Vladimir Putin’s palace that we could not let my great home state of Virginia lose our American freedoms. I realized that the direction Virginia is headed needs to change so that we can become our best – first in freedom, education, and patriotism”.

What do you think makes you stand out from other candidates?

  • “My work ethic and drive definitely set me apart. These were instilled in me by my parents and led me to put myself through my education by working as a full-time model. Ever since graduating both law school and medical school at the same time, I have put all of my energy into improving lives, and I’d like to continue to do that as your governor”.

What are the main points within your campaign or your main policy protocols going forward?

  • “While we care about the problems every Virginian faces and intend to address all of these once we come into power, we have chosen to focus our campaign on education, the economy, and helping veterans. We want to give parents more say when choosing their children’s education and increase the freedom children have at school. We want to eliminate state income taxes and support small businesses. And, finally, we want to strengthen veteran’s assistance and programs so that no veteran is living homeless or in poverty”.

With the Mock Election ramping up in weeks to come, the exhilarating fall election is bound to become cutthroat. To follow Barbie on her political journey (hopefully to success), check out her Instagram account @chs_gop2021 for party coverage. The K.T.R. staff wishes all candidates luck in the electoral process and is excited to see how things unfold!