Drama-Free Friday: is it a blessing or a curse?

Image used under SPCL guidelines.

Image used under SPCL guidelines.

Zoё Kershner, Staff Writer

Does the familiar phrase, “Have a drama-free Friday,” said by Dr. I on the announcements every week actually have a deeper meaning to it? The iconic quote never seems to turn heads, but when and why did Dr. I start saying it every Friday?

When the subject is brought up, I hear speculations from students thinking that a specific incident started “drama-free Fridays”. Other students, like one CHS senior, speculate that “it’s less about a specific incident, but rather a pattern of there being more drama on Friday, with the added bonus that “drama-free Friday” is a catchy and memorable phrase.” Dr. I also says some other phrases for other days of the week, but why is “drama-free Friday” the most common, constant phrase?

I asked Dr. I if there was a specific reason that he started saying “have a drama-free Friday” on the announcements, and he said, “It was two or three years ago after a lot of drama on a Thursday,” Dr. I also joked about how it fits into Friday better, but he doesn’t say it on Thursday because he doesn’t want another event like that one Thursday a couple years ago, “so it’s now a drama-free Friday superstition.” When I asked Dr. I if he thinks that there is specifically more drama on Fridays, he disagreed and said, “Fridays can be busier, with more buzz around things like football games, but no more major issues, specifically because it’s a Friday.” 

After getting Dr. I’s professional opinion, I talked to Ms. Eubanks, a guidance counselor at CHS, for another opinion about drama on Fridays. Dr. I did not believe there was more drama on Fridays, but Ms. Eubanks said, “It’s usually Fridays and Mondays because it’s, preparing for the weekend, and knowing that you’re going out into the ‘civilian world’ and tensions are high, and [there are] things that probably rolled over from last weekend and you’re going to be out there with those same people.” 

Even though drama may be somewhat more prominent on Friday, there also seems to be similar problems with drama on Mondays. As for why Dr. I says his famous phrase, it’s mostly just a catchy saying that goes along with sayings like “marvelous Monday” and “terrific Tuesday”.