Cool Crazy Clubs at CHS


Amina Menfi, Staff Writer

Are you interested in being a part of any fun in or after school activities? There are many clubs you can choose from. Come with many benefits, such as new friendships, a break from studies, and they look great on college applications. All this and more are reasons you should join a club. 

I interviewed a few students about their clubs to get different perspectives. Below are some descriptions about a few clubs that you might want to consider joining..

Le Cercle Français also known as the French club is a club that celebrates French language and French speaking cultures. You can learn more about how speaking French can help you connect with not only your local community but also your global community. A lot of students are interested because of the fun activities, like Mardi Gras which they celebrate every spring. Nulia Obiorah, a ninth grader, shares “The French club offers an opportunity to experiment with different cultures. I get to further my knowledge and participate in engaging discussions. I’m so excited to learn more!”

Debate club is a well known club around the school. It’s all about teamwork and helps improve rhetorical skills. Students get to participate in local and national competitions. During the competition they present their arguments against at least three other debate teams. After both sides of the argument are made they have a cross examination period which is where they get cto ask the opposing team questions to try to distract them from their propositions. Meanwhile the judges are keeping score in order to determine the final winner. One of the members of the club Liat Randolph, a ninth grader, shares “As a freshman, I’m really looking forward to getting to know everyone and being able to travel to competitions together. I also see this as a chance to improve as a debater by strengthening my arguments.”

Chinese club is a great club for students that want to learn more about the Chinese language and culture. It’s also a good opportunity for those that would like to improve their Chinese language skills. A long term member Laila Sheikh-Abdul Salam, a twelfth grader, shares “I enjoy everything about the Chinese club. It’s really fun. Mrs. Yong brings in some Chinese games sometimes like MahJongg. In the past years, she used to bring in Chinese food like Mooncakes. Sometimes we listen to Chinese music or watch Chinese movies. I think people should join the Chinese club because it’s interesting and we do lots of fun things and hangout. We also make lanterns on special holidays like the Mid Autumn festival.” 

These are just a few of the clubs available at CHS. They are all great extracurricular activities to consider and don’t require any previous experience. Go sign up before it’s too late!