Fashion at CHS

Abby Brissett and Audrey Ragsdale

Fashion inspiration is all around us. From Tik-Tok, to Pinterest, to Instagram, good style can be found everywhere. In these very C.H.S halls, we have quite a few fashion icons. Below you’ll find outfit ideas and fashion inspiration, all taken from your fellow classmates.


Mia St. Ours, Sophomore

Q: Can you tell me anything about your outfit today?

A: “The majority of my outfit is definitely thrifted, or pieces that I have thrifted, and then cut and altered. Then I just added some accessories.”


Q: Who is your style inspiration?

A: “Definitely one of the Hadid models, because I love how they dress. I also love more vintage-y style.”


Charli Cox, Senior

Q: Hi Charli, can you tell me anything about your outfit today?

A: “Yes, so I have a dragonfly necklace on, and the necklace itself is a symbol for my great-grandma. She passed away last year. She had glass dragonflies in her garden, and they were a really big part of my childhood, so I got a necklace to remember that.”


Q: Do you have a favorite item of clothing on you right now?

A: “Yes; my Converse. I love my Converse because they have little doodles on them. I like to draw on my shoes. It’s really bad.”


Assia Koryeyon, Sophomore

Q: What is the inspiration behind your outfit?

             A: “I recently got this shirt. It reminds me of my friend Ella bc she really likes to crochet, these pants are just really comfortable. I’ve liked converse since like third grade.” 


Q: How would you describe your style?

A: “It can be a little basic, I try and just add a little bit of flavor to standard outfits. In three words I would say my style is dark, interesting, and fun.”


Ella-Mae Price, Sophomore

 Q: What is the inspiration behind your outfit?

 A: “It comes from my sisters; all thrifted. I love to thrift with my sisters. They tell me how to style things they always say to layer and put a lot of jewelry one to mke it weird and make it cool.”

Q: Do you have any thrifting tips?

A: “Going to Goodwill is a good place. It can be really overwhelming but go through every section, look at each item, have an open mind and try to imagine wearing it.”


Nico Sun, Senior

Q: What was the thought process behind this outfit?

A: “I put this together because there are multiple shades of green on it and I think it’s geometrically interesting. My shoes have lots of different blocking on it and my shorts have different shapes on it. My green hat kinda ties it all in. My black hoodie is a good centerpiece because it just has a plain color. Waverunners are my favorite shoes because I like the silhouette. It’s an athletic trainer shoe but also has a sort of street wear vibe. It’s more chunky , unlike a normal running shoe”. 


Q: Why do you wear so many hats? 

A:“The hat I am wearing right now is from a brand called holidays. It has two MLB teams, the La team and the yankees. The designer moved from NYC to La and this shows that. I wear a lot of snapbacks bc i like how they make my hair look and it really elevates the outfit.”


Jude Farchild, Senior

Q:Can you tell me about your outfit today?

A: “So, my outfit is just kind of inspired by putting clothes on and making the clothes flow together and have synopsis and be synchronous”.


Q: Can you tell me about your jewelry today?

A: “So today I kind of stuck with some chains. I have a Vivienne Westwood heart-orb. My brother and I both have the same ones. Its very symbolic in our household. Then I also just have a slight Cuban ring chain.”


Louie Palmer, Sophomore

Q: What is your thought process behind your outfit?

A: “I like to dress in clothes that represent my interests. Like this is a skateboarding shirt from a shop downtown. My pants are just pants. I like the way it looks on me, I like to present myself as a skater. Clothes that are functional as well as stylish. These are durable pants these shoes need to hold up”.


Q: What is your favorite part about any outfit?

A: “I like bottoms more than tops. Just cause you can do more with them.”


Charlie Sisson, Sophomore

Q: Do you have any fashion inspiration?

A: “I mean like, my sister helps me pick out my clothes and stuff. Mostly her.”


Q: What is your favorite part of any outfit?

A: “Accessories. I don’t like to wear accessories, but they look cool on other people.”



Stella Nemcheck, Freshman

Q: What is your inspiration behind this outfit?

A: “I basically chose what pants that I like. If you don’t know what to wear, find a good pair of pants that are flattering, and then go from there. Simple is always good, with a good pair of shoes. And of course accessories. My favorite accessory is necklaces or bracelets. I take some inspiration from my mom she has given me clothes she wore in the 2000’s. Also thrifting. I love tank tops and low rise jeans.”


Q: Any advice for people who like thrifting?

A: “Goodwill or Salvation Army. Always go to the men section because you can find great stuff there. Like good jeans, and then you can just belt them. Look really really thoroughly.”



Grace Duffy, Sophomore

Q: What was your inspiration when you put together this outfit?

A: “I usually like putting together my outfits the night before so i have more time. I use pinterest to find good outfit ideas usually I go for some sort of color combo. A good color combo to put together. 


Q: Where do you get your outfit inspiration from?

A: “I love Telena Atfield. She is my a member of the band Katie. There is a T.V. show called Nana I like the outfits in that. A lot of Pinterest.”


Luke Roberts, Senior

Q: what is the though process behind this outfit?

A: “I own three pairs of pants, so I usually design around that, I’ve got these great green cargo pants and white cotton dress pants. I usually put on a t-shirt or like an oversized hoodie because that’s just easy. But I really like this because I really like contrasting what I wear. I like the big oversized corduroy blazer with the much smaller top and then dcs are incredibly with everything sort of combining aesthetics like a dress with docs more remind crop top with docs and the big blazer. Jewelry makes everything better.”


Q: Tell me about your belt.

A:  “I saw the belt buckle at low vintage two years ago and then I stole one of my mom’s leather belts and drilled more holes into it and figured out how to put that one there.”


Katherine McGrath, Senior

Q: Can you tell me about what you’re wearing today?

A: “Sure. So I’m just wearing a pair of thrifted trouser pants in a sage-green color, and then really tall socks with my Doc’s that are leather top white and black Doc’s. They have a platform, so I’m even taller, which is kind of fun. Then my top is just a simple top from Urban.”


Q: What is your most meaningful piece that you have on right now?

A: “I’m a shoe person, so I really like my Doc’s. I also have a lot of jewelry on, and a lot of it has been given to me by other people; my necklace was a birthday gift, and two of my rings that I wear every day are from my mom. One she got her senior year of high school, and one is a class ring, so I wear them both together.”


Stella Crook, Sophomore

Q: Can you tell me anything about your necklaces and jewelry?

A: “I got them from a bunch of random places; some from Shein, some from vintage shops like this one in Charlotte, North Carolina, and a bunch of my rings I bought from the crystal shop on the Downtown Mall. It’s a really cool place.”


Q: Who/what would you say your biggest style inspiration is?

A: “Um… That’s a great question. People I see on Pinterest. Does that work? I don’t know. I kinda just throw a bunch of things together, and just whatever works. You know?”


Roxy Beebe-Center, Junior 

Q: What can you tell me about your outfit today?

A: “My shorts are from Salvation Army, and then the shirt I got from Low Vintage on the Downtown Mall, and then the boots are from a local boot store, and then my jewelry is all things that were given to me.”


Q: Who would you say your style inspiration is?

A: “I don’t know, I think that’s really hard, because I don’t think it’s like strict inspiration for anything, but I really like a lot of flowy outfits and long skirts. I love Stevie Nicks and her outfits, but then just lots of people on Tik-Tok and Instagram and stuff.”


CHS students each have their own unique and fun style. In this article, your fellow students give some amazing inspiration to visualize and create your own wonderful school outfits. 

Our first month back at School we have seen all sorts of chains, chunky shoes, crochet, and oversized everything. Thanks to Harry Styles, pearls are back.  

Thrifting in Charlottesville is one of the best ways to buy cheap but cool clothes. It is also very environmentally friendly. However, don’t forget to give back. Drop off any unwanted clothing at your nearest Goodwill, or take them to a second-hand shop and try to make some money back. 

Thanks for keeping up. Stay fashionable, CHS.


Local thrift stores:

Goodwill on 29 or at Mill Creek

Salvation Army

Plato’s Closet

Uplift Thrift 

Twice is Nice 1 and 2



SPCA Rummage

Low Vintage

Arsenic and Old Lace

Natalie Dressed

Vintage Fox