Seniors Faced with Determining Their Major

As the last nine weeks of school approaches us, seniors are headed to college this fall and some may have an idea of what they want to major while others may be unsure. As that time comes closer for seniors to decide what college they want to go to, they also have to decide what they want to major in. They need to figure out what their passion is, and their interests are in life. Before picking a major you should consider what you like to do. For example, make a list of things you love. Also, you should make a list of strengths and weaknesses. This could help assess what kind of major you want to go into.

You should also consider your future career goals like how easy or hard it may be to find employment after graduating from college. It is also good to do research on your specific career to see the job outlook from ten years from now. If you are still unsure on what to major in yet, you can go to college as an undecided major, and take classes you might enjoy. You should also sign up for internships and volunteer for work to get real hands-on experience in fields that a major can lead to. You can also try to come up with one or two backup majors. Just in case that major was not the right choice for you. When choosing a major, the most important thing is choosing one that makes you happy. I asked a student from CHS if they were having a hard time choosing a major. Jennifer Hernandez-Lopez, a senior, says, “I personally already had an idea on what I wanted to major in, so no I am not having a hard time choosing a major.”

In college, you will have the opportunity to take classes that you have never been exposed to before. You still have time to pick a major that you want to pursue, but pick a major that will make you happy, and not a major that people are telling you to take.