Show Your School Spirit For CHS sports!


Henry Barcia, Staff Writer

With COVID-19 taking away the ability to go and watch games, you may be losing touch with CHS’ teams. But there’s a way to keep up to date with all the games! Even though you cannot physically go to the games, the,  allows for a fantastic secondary option of streaming any high school game, for CHS or any high school around the country. However while the NFHS has a great website and stream, there’s a lot of negative feedback to the stream as well.

The NFHS website is very easy to navigate and search for whatever you’re looking for. The subscription fee comes at just under $11 a month, or only $70 for a full year, which is a great deal in comparison. Even if you do not want to pay for the subscription fee, you are still able to see the schedules of all of CHS’ teams. While there are no highlights to be seen on CHS’ page just yet, that is another option that you can see without a paid subscription. 

Many people are not happy with the VHSL’s rules of having no spectators at sporting events, both athletes and spectators alike. The athletes and players lose a lot of motivation that they would usually have with a home crowd, and it takes away much of the enjoyment they would get from playing games. Spectators, whether they be students or the players’ families, miss out on getting to see their friends or family members play, and can’t keep up with the team very well. 

Even though the VHSL has made it a rule for safety to have no in-person spectators, you can still show your support for CHS through watching the games on your phone, computer, or even T.V. Hopefully the NFHS website provides a good back-up option, to watching and keeping up with CHS basketball, wrestling, or even upcoming football games.