My Crippling Disease: Seniorits


Tomas Russo, Senior Business Manager

A disease more infectious than coronavirus— seniors across America are being infected with this terrible disease. What is senioritis you might ask? Senioritis is when the semester ends and you stop doing all your work. Why would anyone ever stop doing their schoolwork? The grades that appear on your application to college only show from the start of freshman year through first-semester senior year. 

Knowing that the grades in your final semester of high school don’t really have that much value can quickly change people’s opinions on the importance of school work. For some seniors, this might mean taking a more holistic approach to learning class material and focusing less on the assignments and more on comprehending the topic as a whole. For others, senioritis could mean not doing any more work at all, showing up to school at lunchtime, and having your grades drop like a rock. 

Not all senioritis is a bad thing though, knowing that you have some time to catch your breath and not need to spend all night studying can open new doors for students to pursue activities previously not possible. Sam Ewing, a senior, has recently begun spending more time playing Minecraft. “I can’t stop playing it and don’t want to stop. It feels so good to just play Minecraft from 4:00 pm when school ends until 11:00 pm when I forgot I haven’t eaten anything all day.” Other examples of how students use their free time are: fishing, exercise, sports, sleep, netflix, social events, video games, and volunteering. With schoolwork not leaving much free time, seniors can now pursue more pleasurable activities that they have always wanted to do. Current senior, Tomas Russo says: “Doing things because I want to do it and not because I have to is a rewarding feeling.”

Of course, senioritis has some negative consequences too if let out of control. Contingent upon a college acceptance is that you must somewhat maintain the grades you applied with. Too much of a drop in grades can mean your offer of acceptance is rescinded. The definition of a drop in grades can differ a lot depending on upon the school you’re going to, so it’s best to play it safe and not have too much difference in your grades. Senioritis can have some positive effects if treated properly and used for good purposes.