COVID-19 Still On The Rise?


Graph of COVID cases in Virginia in the spring and July of last year

Henry Barcia, Staff Writer

While restrictions have been loosened in recent months, it’s quite possible that Charlottesville and Virginia as a whole could return to a full phase-1 lockdown. While this may not be the solution to the problem, with COVID-19 on an even steeper rise, more restrictions may certainly be the answer. 

Since it’s entrance to the U.S. in Spring of 2020, COVID-19 has had a steady increase in cases with no defined peak in sight. Coming around to almost an entire year later, COVID-19 has been a constant issue in the United States, Charlottesville included. CHS has obviously been affected, in that all classes are now only online. Also that the return date for in person classes has been pushed back once again, past February.

CHS sports have also been changed greatly, in a couple major aspects. One being that there are no spectators allowed to be at sporting events, inside or outside, which ruins the experience students get watching the games. The other clear issue is that many sports have been postponed until the spring, causing these sports to stack on top of one another. This will result in problems of practice and game times, as well as athletes perhaps having to choose between the two sports they would regularly play. 

In the community of Charlottesville, the threat of COVID-19 continues as college students at UVA return from home, and bring their exposure from all around the country to our town. This could dramatically affect all of Charlottesville by allowing all of these UVA students to come back, possibly bringing the virus with them. 

The best thing to do now is what we have been doing since March of last year, which is being as safe as you can be. Be careful around groups of others, and wash your hands once or twice more during the day.