The Boys and Girls Club Helping Kids of All Ages


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This is the logo of the Boys and Girls Club.

Nicolas Pedersen, Staff writer

COVID-19 has impacted a lot of people in tons of different ways. During these hard times, one place that has always been there for children and families has been the Cherry Avenue Boys and Girls Club. The organization works alongside Charlottesville City Schools to ensure children from the city and surrounding areas have a fun, loving, and nurturing environment during the summers and after school.

 At the beginning of COVID-19  last March, the Boys and Girls Clubs doors had to be closed to the public, yet that did not stop the staff from doing what they could for their community. With food and book deliveries by staff members almost every week, the club kids were able to feel some sort of normalcy. As the new school year began to approach, the Boys and Girls Club worked with schools to figure out a way to provide a space for younger kids to do online schooling. 

The club decided to split each room up with a 1:10 kid to staff ratio. Kids are able to come in between eight and nine in the morning, grab a nutritional breakfast, and start right on school until 11:30 am. “ This has definitely been a challenging experience for sure, this being my first job and having to be so strict on kids to get on school when all they want to do is have fun at the club like they used to,” said Gala Misevich, a C.H.S student that has been working alongside the club with kids at the club this year. However, even if the kids don’t enjoy school as much online, there is not a better option for families that have to work but can’t leave their children alone at home all day. “Some kids don’t have other options, so this is the best place for them to be,” says David Cook, the lead unit director at the Cherry Avenue club. 

The staff and kids especially miss the old club, but it never fails to make kids smile when you tell them they get to go to the gym. Every member involved with club functions has been working hard to ensure the kids are happy, safe, and healthy. Hopefully, one day kids will be able to do large activities together and have giant kickball tournaments outside, but for now, this is what the Boys and Girls Club can do for the tricky situation they are in.