C.H.S. Extra Curriculars, Making Progress Towards Coming Back Together


Stella Gunn, News Editor

As the date for coming back to school continues to get delayed farther and farther, students are antsy for ways to reconnect with their peers, get some form of social interaction, and practice their hobbies. Perhaps an aspect of school some miss the most is extra curricular activities such as: sports, theater, art, orchestra, etc. C.H.S. students need opportunities to pursue their passions. The good news is there seems to be some plans for these activities to meet. 

Basketball, wrestling, track, and swim and dive seem to be in full swing, with students even getting to compete against other schools. Soccer teams have started some weekend pre-season training, as well as field hockey, and football. Although things have been different due to the circumstances, athletes are extremely appreciative of some sort of continuity to keep their skills sharp. 

Some have been a bit uncomfortable with the choice for these sports to resume. Masks are worn at all in-between junctures, but players do not have to wear them during games or practice. This is particularly controversial for sports like Basketball. The C.H.S. team is playing teams from other schools, indoors, without masks. One student said “I think that outdoors and distanced in person meetings are fine, especially with masks. However I don’t feel it is all that responsible to be doing sports, especially indoors.” Another notes “As long as everyone is staying safe, I think that in-person activities are a great way to bring people together during this time of isolation.”

Although there are conflicting opinions on these types of meetings, it is important to note all of these events are completely optional. Students who are not particularly at-risk and have discussed the decision with their families may be more likely to join this kind of activity. These opportunities give kids the opportunity to stay in shape and get some much needed socialization. 

Although in-person activities within the arts departments have been limited, orchestra was able to have a few in-person meetings and plans to have more in the future. There were less than 25 students and it was held outdoors with all students spaced out and wearing masks. Orchestra students were grateful for this opportunity and one said, “It was really nice to be able to hear everyone together after practicing by myself for so long. It was really nice to see my teacher in person as well.”

Charlottesville High School theater department is known for its multitude of performances, but this year they have not had that luxury. Recently, a very small group of students have been rehearsing a small all male adaptation of Romeo and Juliet called R and J. Besides this, which has a cast of around 5 people, theatre has not had any in-person meetings. However TheatreCHS is excited to be working on in-person plans for the future, to give more students an opportunity to act, dance, and sing in a physical setting. 

Almost all C.H.S. extra curricular activity departments are working towards getting students back together again. Although the progress may be slow, and many of us are ready to finally come back to school, rest assured that the C.H.S. community is making progress, in whatever way is safe at the time.