COVID + Holidays = ?

Henry Barcia

With popular holidays coming up and the Coronavirus still lurking, the Black Knights are giving their opinions about this year’s upcoming holiday season. In light of Thanksgiving being less than two weeks away, and Christmas and Hanukkah following soon after, the CHS students were asked some questions about celebrations they’ll be having this year, as well as what changes to their past celebrations will happen due to COVID-19.
In an online survey, CHS students were asked whether they would be traveling this year, and only about 30% of respondents answered yes. This seems odd as during winter and Thanksgiving breaks most people usually would travel to see family and spend time with them. Another question posed in the survey was to see how excited the students at CHS are for holidays this year. A majority of people answered that they were excited, but not as excited as they were this time last year. Lastly, students were asked what traditions they will miss, as well as the traditions they continue through this year even with the pandemic. Eve Livingood responded saying “We are not going to be able to visit family because of the virus like we normally do,” which seems to embody what most families are experiencing.
In response to the same question asking what sort of holiday traditions they’d be able to keep even while Coronavirus was still a threat, Sanaa Carter responded saying her family could still be “watching Christmas movies this year.We got a movie projector so we can watch them like a movie theater.” This is a great way to do something fun yet still safe in relation to COVID-19. Other suggestions similar to that for fun activities to do this holiday season are to FaceTime or use Zoom to contact and see friends and family safely. CHS student, Mary Gist, also suggested a good way to celebrate the holiday season would be to have “holiday themed masks,” as well as giving “food to some of those without homes in the community this year.”
While the excitement of some might not be the highest this year for the holidays, there is still much to be thankful for and much to do in the holiday season. Hopefully the CHS community and everyone can stay safe throughout the holidays this year.