What Will It Take to Go Back to School?

The entrance to Charlottesville high school and front bus loop.

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The entrance to Charlottesville high school and front bus loop.

Nicolas Pedersen, Staff writer

If we were going to go back to school there would obviously have to be rules for all students and teachers in the building to follow. I have talked to a doctor in Charlottesville about what we would have to do to return to school as safely as possible. She asked to stay anonymous so I will refer to her by saying the doctor. The doctor I have interviewed has said that it would be safe to go back to school if certain measures were put into place. The students must always wear masks unless outside, class sizes must be smaller and be able to have desks at least six feet apart, and classrooms must have open windows and or good ventilation.


Dr. I the principal at Charlottesville High school made a few comments on what is going on on his end of all of this. Dr. I told me that “Filters have been replaced in a lot of the building and we have been going around measuring each room.” The school is doing this so they know how many people can fit in each room. The problem for CHS in this is that most of our classrooms don’t have windows. The classrooms that do have windows no one is sure if they even open. But with the filters being replaced that improves airflow and ventilation which is a very smart step for the school. The doctor also said that students should spend as much time as possible outside in a classroom setting. 

Now one rule which was very intriguing was that the doctor said “Parents would need to understand that on a bad weather day, students would stay home and be expected to attend virtual school. This rule hasn’t been talked about with the school board or anything like that it was just an idea that the doctor had to try and make it safer to return. No one is sure how we would accomplish this on every single day it rains but it would be a very smart idea to put into place. Some of the questions that come with that idea are what classifies as bad weather? Would this count if it is too cold for students to go outside for class and if so what would the temperature be to cancel school. These questions would be answered by administrators and the school board. That is saying if this rule is used at all. 

Another thing we must talk about is when we would be going back with these rules in place. The first date we were given was nine weeks being the sixth of November. This no longer is true and they are going to be voting on whether we will be returning in January or February. But the doctor I interviewed said that she is not optimistic about returning in January. I know everyone wants to go back to school very bad but sadly that is going to be a difficult task to make it safe for everyone to come back. 


This will take a lot of time and coordination between everyone involved. I believe we can accomplish this as a school but we must follow the rules that will be put into place. Dr. I mentioned that students must wear masks if indoors at all times and if this isn’t followed there would be severe consequences because you are threatening people’s lives by taking your mask off. The school and school board are still figuring out what all the rules would be. But it seems like the school is going to be very strict on these rules that will be put into place. So hopefully we can get back to going to school ad feel a little more normal. No one is enjoying online schools and that includes teachers so try and give them a break they are doing their best with what they have.