How Do Sports Affect People’s Moods?


Sebastian Krebs, Staff Writer

How do sports affect the moods of people? Sports can be there for people in the darkest of times, when there’s nothing else, sports are always available. Sports can be a distraction from problems for some people, or it can be a simple pastime. Either way, sports are always there for people. In many situations of stress, athletic activities can be extremely helpful. 

Elizabeth Burns, a junior at CHS said; “If I’m ever stressed out because of school or personal issues, soccer helps brighten my mood and get my mind off of things.” When you exercise, your brain releases neurotransmitters that actually brighten your mood. Exercising and participating in sports makes your body more healthy, which can lead to a happier life as well. Many times, Fitness can be linked to your mood tightly, often the healthier people are, the happier they are with themselves, though this isn’t always the case. Being a part of a team can also be tremendously beneficial to people’s mental state. 

When asked about the subject, Graham Lenert, a junior at CHS,  answered; “Sports help me get my mind off some issues, and being on a team makes me feel like I’m part of something greater.” When people work together for the same cause, such as on a sports team, they make connections and great bonds with each other. 

Another junior at CHS, Sam Schuyler, contributed to this by saying; “Anyone that plays sports knows that they help to raise the spirits of everyone involved.” Sports are versatile; they can lift people’s spirits, they can be a getaway from problems for individuals, or they can make connections between people.