How People Stayed in Shape During Quarantine


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Skateboarder getting outside to get some physical activity at the skate park.

Sebastian Krebs and Nicolas Pedersen

What have people been doing to pass the time? Have you been doing the same thing maybe?! As a teenager in 2020, we are always attached to our phones or some type of screen. But after a while that definitely gets boring. Some of the things to pass the time that everyone can do is go outside and take a walk with a friend or someone in your family, or even go on a run by yourself and get some exercise. 

Every single person in Quarantine has at least for a day been sitting down and wasting the whole day just doing nothing inside. Now that isn’t a bad way to live for maybe one day a week but if you do it for seven consecutive days over and over then it gets unhealthy. Now in no way are we saying you have to run each and every single day and become a superhuman, but find some way to get outside and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having. 

In a survey put out to students at Charlottesville High School, a majority of students reported they’ve been working out more often than they did before the virus. A student responded to our survey and said, “I have gone on more runs, and have done workout videos every week.”  

Many students also responded to our survey and we’re very excited about sports starting at C.H.S. Students have had to work harder than ever to get a good workout in and stay in shape. C.H.S. students have been adventurous in trying new sports during the pandemic. Jamez Lynch said this when asked how he’s stayed active: “I have picked up skateboarding like everyone else, but I’m more interested in longboarding since I like zipping down hills like a G.” With so much time on people’s hands, they’ve started exploring different ways to exercise. So get outside and do something new or just take a walk and get some fresh air. Don’t let quarantine stop you from staying healthy and keeping your mental health positive.