2020 Money


Texas Roadhouse Employee

Emma Farruggio at work

Izzy Warren, opinion editor

2020 is the year for more money! Over the course of the past few months, Virginia legislatures have been pushing to raise the minimum wage in Virginia. There were many versions of the bill, all varying in what the new minimum wage will be and when it will occur. Due to the lack of certainty on this bill, I emailed Delegate Hudson. Her legislative aid summarized the bill by saying “Both the House and Senate have voted to raise Virginia’s minimum wage above the federal minimum of $7.25/hour. They disagree on how we’ll do that. The House passed a bill, HB395, which sets the statewide minimum wage at $10/hour this year and increases to $15/hour by 2025. The Senate-approved bill, SB7, moves to $9.50/hour next year and $11.50 by 2024. After that, Virginia’s Commissioner of Labor and Industry would divide the state into different regions and increase the minimum wage in proportion to the cost of living in each region.”


Emma Farruggio, a senior who works at Texas Roadhouse, says that she already makes above minimum wage. “I make around $10 or $11 and hour, but I am not sure exactly how much because of tip differences.” However, when told about the new bill, she was excited. “I work really hard and I know so many other people do as well so I feel it is only fair people get paid that much!” 


Chloe Boutin, a lifeguard at ACAC pools and a senior, says she “hates her job and does not get paid enough.” However, Chloe gets paid 9$ an hour, which is above the minimum wage at this point in time. When she was informed of the new bill passed in Virginia, she was surprised. “Bro, how can anyone live on just minimum wage then?” she asked, laughing. She was glad when informed of the new bill but asked “Why don’t they just make it 15$ right away?” 


Proposing such a giant change, and so quickly, would have given a bill less of a chance to be passed. Elke Doby, a senior who works at a deli, says she makes minimum wage, but explains that she thinks minimum wage is “fair” because she doesn’t feel like she does much. However, she was very excited to hear about the raise in minimum wage.


While some students at C.H.S. are already making above minimum wage, this bill will ensure that everyone, no matter what their job is, is making a higher and fairer minimum wage. The general air around the bill is excitement for 2020 being a year full of more money!