Wing, Wing, Wing, It’s Lunch With Lucas

Lucas Simpson, Staff Writer, Food Reviewer

Chicken wings are a staple meal at most Super Bowl parties. People all over the United States eat chicken wings for the event. 92.3% of people who responded to a survey disclosed that they have eaten chicken wings, and 84.6% of people responded that they eat chicken wings for the Super Bowl.

Ms. Horne, an English teacher here at C.HS., said “You don’t understand, I love hot wings so much. When my husband is feeling nice, he buys a big quart of Slayer Sauce. You can use it to make your own wings.” Chicken wings are a traditional Super Bowl food and Americans were predicted to consume 1.4 billion chicken wings this past Super Bowl. What a crazy number!

Chicken wings come in many flavors such as “Buffalo,” “Hot,” “Honey Mustard,” “Barbecue,” and “Dry Rub.” Ms. Horne said “I like all the hot ones and I don’t understand a wing that isn’t hot.” Jory Cardoza (10th) however, stated “I like barbecue wings, I like wings for the flavor.” 

Because I write a food review article, I went and visited Wild Wing Cafe which was voted “Best Wings in Charlottesville” by C-ville Weekly 16 years in a row. Because of this praise from C-ville Weekly, I had to get my butt down there to see what all the hype was about. I ordered “Coppers” (Barbecue flavor), “The Slayer” (garlic, hot), “Hot” (Buffalo sauce), and “The Boss” (dry rub.) “The Coppers” flavor was sweet and saucy. It is a good flavor for those who do not like spice.

“The Slayer” had 251 calories. It wasn’t actually that spicy but it was also flavorful and I could taste the hint of garlic. The “Hot” flavor is one of the most popular. It is a basic and fundamental flavor of chicken wings. The description says “Traditional buffalo wing, just spicy enough for any wing lover.”

The last flavor I tried was “The Boss.” I don’t particularly like dry rub flavors and I strongly believe every chicken wing should have sauce on it, but I was willing to try this dry rub flavor. It was very crispy and hot and unexpectedly spicy.

The survey stated that the majority of students preferred hot, buffalo, and barbecue flavors. Chicken wings will continue to be a popular tradition for Super Bowl Sunday but they are also consumed on many other days of the year, such as July 29th, which is National Chicken Wing Day.