Serenade Yo Shawty


Photo Credits to Sirens

Sirens leaders Riley and Chloe pose with their serenade group (Lucy Butler, Eliza Smith, and Iris Susen)

Izzy Warren, Opinion Editor

Looking for something special to get your significant other, best friend, crush, or the person you have a “thing” with? Look no further! This year the Sirens and the T-Tones will continue the tradition of singing valentines (aka serenades) on Friday, February 14th (Valentine Days). Here’s how serenades work: there will be four groups that travel from class to class during the day singing a slew of all your favorite songs. Each group will have a theme and each group member will be dressed accordingly. Not only does this provide a short, entertaining, break from learning on a tedious Friday, but it is also a great way to show someone you love just how much you love them. Grace King says that serenades are her “favorite day of the year,” and Alayna Spence says “I’ve gotten them all three years, loved them all three years, love watching them all three years, I don’t know what I would do without them.” Even the teachers enjoy them! “I love them! They’re my favorite, it is so good to hear out students sing.” Mrs. Sweet said. Serenades will be sold at both lunches all next week and will cost 3$ per serenade. So don’t forget to pop by and buy them! This year the songs are as follows:




Group one: Dressed as pop 90s Icons 

Beautiful Girls by Sean Kingston (sung by Aria Creasey)

Wannabe by The Spice Girls (sung by Izzy Warren)


Group two: Dressed in gold and black (SHINY POP!)

Sweatshirt by Jacob  Sartorius (sung by Chloe Boutin)

Yellow Hearts by Ant Saunders (sung by Schuyler Barefoot)


Group 3: Dressed as “Bad” boys

That What I Like by Bruno Mars (sung by Ania Cafferillo)

Replay by Iyaz (sung by Riley Gonzalez)




Group one: Dressed in business casual

Toxic by Britney Spears (sung by Cole Lyman)

Would You Wind by prettymuch (sung by Tave Slangerup)


Group 2: Dressed as eboys

Earfquake by Tyler the Creator (sung by Patrick O’brien)

Don’t You Want Me by the Human League (sung by Drew Bostic)