Hallway Traffic

Jaetron Andrews, Staff Writer

Do you ever have the urge to shove someone in the hallway because there walking slow right in front of you? Maybe there trying to catch up on the latest tea with their friends, but is it the right place or time? This week we get more in-depth with this topic with feedback from our C.H.S students to see how they feel on this topic! 

Assistant Principal Dr. Devlin feels that hall traffic is just going to happen in a high school. “Hall traffic is a natural occurrence from students moving from class to class,” he said. To explain the increase in traffic, Dr. Devlin says that  “This year’s freshman class is larger than last year’s graduating class resulting in more students in the building this year.” To help make sure students get to class on time, Dr. Devlin says “My advice for students is to identify the quickest route to their next class and make that a routine.” 


Turns out 27/27 people agree that hallway traffic is very irritating!


One Freshman talks about how it’s impossible to get to your class in-between 4 minutes.  “It makes it almost impossible to actually get to class in four minutes, let alone have time to use the bathroom. Those who stand around in the hallways act like the rest of us have nowhere to be. Another freshman explains how student who wants to succeed in school gets punished who don’t. “People who value their academic record and getting to class on time are punished because of other people who don’t have those values.”.


 Rowan Miller, sophomore feels she shouldn’t be late because of others. “I shouldn’t be late to class because of other people.”Another sophomore, Caroline Jaffe talks more about the how far classes are and how people affect that. “If you have two classes far apart and people are just standing in the halls in giant groups chatting, it is impossible to get anywhere on time.” Sanora Goins, Junior talks about how students talk and her routine. “I overestimate how much students like to go to class… Meaning, some like to take their time in the hallways. Some of my peers especially love to stop and talk in the middle of the hallway. I wish I had a horn. Also, we all tend to go the same way when going up to D or B hallway. I’ve “created” my own route to avoid the chaos.”.


 Adiba Khaydari, a junior, talks about how people make the hallways crowded by stopping. “It can be really frustrating when people stop in the hallways or when it gets too crowded. For example, I might be trying to get to my teacher earlier so I can ask a question/get help but it’s really hard when you can’t because of certain areas in the school that get really crowded than other hallways.”. 


Kori Ross, a Senior, talks about how people initiate conversation at the wrong time. “People stop and have full conversations in the middle of the walkway”. Another Senior, Bryanna Williams, talks about freshman lacks being on time to class. “People don’t know how to go straight to class aka Freshmen.”. 


In conclusion hallway traffic is not everyone’s best friend! Even though it’s not the best thing my advice to you is to find a good route and stick to it.