Top 5 Jams of the Decade

Kiran Matthews, Satff Writer

With the 2010’s decade coming to an end, the time has come to once again look down the music road from all student favorites here at C.H.S. From Adele to the school’s own Lil Hoxe , the 2010 to 2019- decade was filled with a massive amount of musical talent.


With no doubt, the last decade of music has been an extensive former to the last 10 years, and in ways shaped the music industry of the future, while at the same time bringing old favorites to light in new ways. Within all of the many memorable genres and artists from the twenty-teens, the student body has chosen 10 which in their eyes, appear to be the greatest. 


Starting off the list comes the 2017 single, Young Dumb & Broke by one decade changing and favorite artist Kahlid. The romantically composed song written to a girl who Kahlid was assuring despite being “young, dumb, and broke”, love was still important. The song became a student favorite as many say it connects to the idea of teenage youth and highschool experience.


Lizzo, previously known as Melissa Jefferson produced the next popular tune, Truth Hurts. The 3-minute song was meant to give people a kind of preventative against the harsh judgment of modern society. Lizzo herself is highly focused on body positivity and rejecting usual stereotypes in the music industry. The effects of the song produced many nostalgic moments across people all around the world. Many Charlottesville High School students, in particular, say it was included in many of their party time playlists. Elizabeth Burns says “Female empowerment” regarding the song. 


Body like A Backroad by Sam Hunt comes next as the song that spent 37 weeks at No.1on Billboard’s Hot Country chart. The lyrics “Body like a back road, drivin’ with my eyes closed 

I know every curve like the back of my hand” is defining of the twenty-teens decade. “It’s a perfect blend of pop and country,” an anonymous responder said in a recent survey. Many students also mentioned the memories they had with the song, naming it “the perfect summer night driving jam” 


Another student favorite, the One Direction hit “What Makes You Beautiful” (defined) 2011. It became the fastest-selling single of the year. The song itself is signature to the band and created much of their early fame throughout the UK as well as the U.S. “The song set the standards of love for our generation” said Jadie Bastiaan Beatley in a recent interview. It seems as if One Direction was able to speak the ideas of teen romance, accompanied by a possible overly catchy pop-beat. 


Charlottesville Highschool’s own, Lil Hoxe, also created a C.H.S favorite, with his personally produced song “Mixtape”. Elizabeth Burns suggested the song, along with the backing of many fellow students. Lil Hoxe is a student Soundcloud rapper, who has produced many student-popular songs through the multiple years of his music productions. Mixtape itself focused on hip-hop rap vocals and his own writing of the song accompanied by features of his own life. Many students have expressed their positive feelings regarding the song and the happiness that students can produce their own music.