Greyson Taylor



Greyson Taylor, in a production of Cabaret in South Carolina

Stella Gunn, Staff Writer

Greyson Taylor is a sophomore here at Charlottesville High School. He is currently excelling in the world of theater. He is an extremely busy student, he’s currently doing two plays and directing a third. His teachers adore him and see his potential. Greyson Taylor has some serious talent, and is most definitely going places.

Greyson did his first play at six years old. “I was a little boy and had run out of sports to try. I didn’t like any of them, and my mom was like ‘Well, try this play that they’re doing.’ I was like fine, ‘Ok,’ and I actually loved it,” Greyson said. Greyson quickly found a love for theater, and it has grown ever since. 

Since this past summer, he has been in around 7 or 8 plays. Some of the most mentionable are Live Arts production of Rent and Cabaret in  South Carolina, in which his performance is regionally nominated for an award. He was in Follies at Live Arts, and he was also in The Sound of Music at Wintergreen. The version of Sound of Music that Greyson was in was done by Brian Clawdus Experiences, not only a reputable name in the theater world, but one known for innovative and new takes on classic plays. He does site-specific theater and is most known for a production of the Titanic done on a boat, in which the boat would “sink” each night.

Greyson is adored by everyone who works with him. His passion in the art and relentless dedication are hard to not respect. “Greyson Taylor is an extraordinary sophomore theater student at C.H.S. Not only is he involved in productions on the production side or featured in the main role as Pippin in our production for Musical Theater Ensemble, but he has clearly demonstrated this is his passion, and his passion rubs off on everyone he is around.” said Mr. Becker, C.H.S.’s Theater Director and Teacher. 

Greyson is currently student directing The Addams’ Family, which is one of C.H.S.’s spring musicals. “I think what’s really great about the C.H.S. theater department is the amount of leadership opportunities there are. As a sophomore I’m able to student direct a show,” he said. On top of that, he is currently doing Pippin and White Christmas.

Not only is Greyson an astounding performer, he is also a dedicated student. He balances his school work with theater, by doing homework during rehearsals, and building a study hall into his day. It is safe to say Greyson is quite busy, but holds to his commitments.

For all of you students wanting more out of your high school experience and trying something new, consider trying out for a play. Greyson’s advice is, “Just try it, just put yourself out there. It’s a big first step to have to take, but it’s a really important thing. You have to be able to be open and honest with others, and also with yourself, because that’s the only way creative fields can work out successfully for you.”

Greyson Taylor is truly a talented and kind individual with a lot of promise.  “I’m so excited that he has received accolades from the Broadway World community and I hope to see him grow in his craft and develop further as an artist, and I hope that he will take everything that I have to share with him and use it and learn from it, and that we can learn from him, and I look forward to seeing where he will be when he graduates,” said Mr. Becker.

If you would like to support Greyson, you can vote for him for his performance in Cabaret, he is currently nominated for best actor. Votes at this link: 

Vote for Greyson under “best actor in a musical or play (non-professional).” At the end, it will ask you for a member user and password. You have to fill this field out, but it’s not anything you have to remember or put thought into. Once you’ve finished, you will be sent a confirmation email with a link in it. If you do not click this link and confirm your vote, YOUR VOTE WILL NOT BE COUNTED.