Field Trip Fantasies

Its a school bus

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It’s a school bus

Tony Brozey, Staff Writer

Most Charlottesville High School students do not get the chance to enjoy very many field trips unless you’re in special elective programs such as AVID or Art. This is devastating to those who are not taking thee courses; because they will likely only go on a few field trips over the course of their high school career, and most of them will be half a day field trips to the library. Alex Lloyd,  a sophomore at CHS said, “I haven’t gone on any field trips since entering high school and am very miserable from it.” Field trips are important high school experiences that most students feel are a necessary life experience for many Americans, which most people can remember a good feel trip memory growing up in school. Jack DH, a CHS senior would like more field trips he says “we need more field trips to make school more fun.”

 I did a survey with CHS students asking where their favorite field trip has been and nobody said their favorite trip was to the library or the art museum. People said their favorite field trip was to somewhere fun like Universal Studios in Orlando, Kings Dominion, and to a Washington Wizards game. The common theme about what people like about their field trips is that they were able to take a day off and have fun with their friends, which is essentially what field trips are all about. Because let’s be honest, nobody actually learns anything on field trips so they might as well be a good time for students. A good time for students that are outside of Charlottesville, so students can experience a break from Charlottesville life, because that’s what field trips are actually about for students just a break from the monotonous lifestyle they live every day.  Marcus Targonski a CHS senior says “I think that experiences outside of school expand students’ sense of purpose and clarity in their education.” The fact of the matter is that the student wants field trips and the school should deliver.