Who got drip?


The stylish Nikolas Dillery poses for a picture!

Jaetron Andrews, Staff Writer

Who really got that drip ? Could it be you?  If you were always anxious to know well think no more! This week student in C.H.S, students have weighed in with their opinion about who they think has the best style or in other words “drips too hard”! The most votes for the Best dressed in the boy category is Nikolas Dillery. One comment read “he keeps up with the newest fashion”. He weighed in with 283 votes! We did an interview with Nikolas Dillery to get more in dept with his style! “My style… it’s vintage, innovative, and revolutionary. I am also quite fond of sweaters, especially cable-knit sweaters. I shop for my best look at the UVA bookstore, museum shops, and the UVA Classics Department”. I would say that you should not give it much of a thought and just follow your heart. Additionally, sweaters and corduroys are in right now.”


It was a tie for the girls vote, so let’s congratulate both our  winners, La’kasia Calloway and Monique Scott. One person commented “Monique always has wonderfully put together outfits and a sharp sense of style.” We did an interview with Monique Scott to get more in detail about her fashion tips. “I think a lot of my style is trendy with a little but of a twist! It’s honestly just any trend that I like with a personal piece. ”Most of the time I thrift so I either shop at Plato’s Closet  or Good Will or I get them from friends.” My tips would be to just take any trend that you personally like and add your own special twist to it, because if everyone dresses the same it wouldn’t really be cool.”


Scott said.


We also had an interview with La’kashia Calloway. She going to talk to us a little bit about her style tips!  “I can’t really characterize my style because of the way I dress depends on my mood.  All I can tell you is that I shop online, and mostly in the clearance section because I’m really cheap lol. some tips I would give someone that wants to look stylish is to be yourself and wear something that you think looks good. Don’t worry about what anybody else thinks.”


The teacher who won the most votes for ‘best dressed’ is not at all shocking: Mr O’Grady! Mr O’Grady tells us more about his style! How do you define your style? “I do the very best that I can for some one who is 32 year old.” Where do you shop for your looks? “Always Jordan 1s beyond that a lot of Gap and J. Crew. The old man staples,” he said. What tips does Mr. O’Grady  give for someone trying to look stylish? “Trust the process”. “You’ve got to find what works for you! To quote Kevin Durant “ I do me and I chill.”





If you didn’t win this time teachers, don’t feel bad! You have to keep trying to get better! Here are also some of our own chs students who has weighed in with some feedback for what teachers could do to make their style even better: .“Just look drippy”. “Well-put together outfits that don’t look like they’re trying too hard”. “Good shoes good hair casual but professional”. “Nice outfit that’s put together, no matter of what brand as long as it’s put together well and is different !”. 

Congratulations to you all! A big thanks to everyone who participated! Don’t give up! Failure is what makes us!  Not breaks us!